Looking for UK Jewellery Manufacturers?

Crestfield is one of the UK’s leading jewellery manufacturers, specialising in the design and production of high quality, custom pieces for businesses and independent designers. We offer both small and large scale production, alongside a comprehensive design service; helping you to begin your jewellery brand or grow your current product range.

Turn Your Jewellery Concepts Into Reality

Crestfield offers industry leading minimum order quantities for custom jewellery; from 30pcs per design. We also allow the MOQ to be split for sizing, allowing for a greater product range with a lower investment.

Ring Manufacturing

Gemstone Types

What Gemstones Do We Offer?

Gemstones are often at the heart of a jewellery design, and we have the capability to source and cut both precious and non precious gemstones. We can also advise the most suitable stones for your budget and target market.

Metals & Alloys

What Metals Do We Work With?

Affecting both the durability and aesthetics of your jewellery, the metal picked as the foundation of your pieces is vital. We are accustomed to working with a variety of metals including; silver, gold, platinum and palladium among others.

How It Works

Our Production Process

Step 1

Concept Design

Beginning with your ideas, we can help guide you through various stages turning your concepts into reality.

Step 2


From burnout to vacuum, we offer a range of casting methods. The choice of metal dictates the most suitable method.

Step 3

Prototypes & Samples

Prototypes for approval can be included for a low cost when bulk manufacture has been confirmed.

Step 4


Using countless methods available, we then polish your pieces ensuring a quality finish.

Step 5

Bulk Manufacture

Manufacture of your jewellery pieces then takes place on our production line once specifications have been approved.

Step 6

Quality Check

At the end of this process, each piece is checked one by one to detect and amend any unusual faults.

Jewellery Design

Can I See My Designs?

A fundamental part of jewellery development, our technical design service includes CAD drawings, full renders and technical specifications to assist you in the development of your products and to aid us in their manufacture.

Answers To Your Questions

We are a UK based business. However, our facility operates overseas.

We have strategically placed manufacturing facilities worldwide allowing us to offer competitive pricing for fully custom jewellery pieces. Therefore, we can help our customers in the fast-paced world of jewellery.


Our minimum order starts from 30 pieces per design, with the ability to split sizing within that (10pcs minimum per size). We do not have maximum order quantities, but will advise you of lead time implications for particularly large commissions.

All pieces of jewellery we produce are carefully cut, cast and polished by hand, custom made to the specifications of the customer.

Starting off with your ideas, we will take a look at your technical specifications. If you have no designs in place, we can always help you through the process. Before production, a 3D model can be made for your approval. After the designs have been approved, we can proceed onto bulk manufacture. 

All metals and gemstones that are sourced for your custom jewellery pieces are checked for any defects or faults. Wax moulds of your designs are then created which are used to cast, using the metal(s) of your choice. If desired, gemstones are also set. Your jewellery pieces will then be polished and quality checked one last time. 

Once your order is complete, it will be dispatched for delivery via our network of global couriers.